What inspired us this week

Tuesday Night… before rushing to sleep, here are a few things that inspired us over the past days:

  1. The Gastro Obscura Instagram Account. Next to music, food art is something that frequently inspires and amazes me! This account is a gem!
  2. It turns out that NightShift on your phone and Blue Light blocking glasses don’t actually do the trick in improving your sleep. Bummer (I fell for the marketing, too!)! More on the topic of sleep here: This episode of the Rich Roll Podcast with Neuroscientist Matthew Walker on Sleep. Working in our “industry” frequently means that we are deprived of sleep because we want to “go that extra mile” or “be a bit more prepared”. Quoting from the shownotes: All told, this is an utterly fascinating masterclass on why you must rethink your relationship with sleep and the profound short and long-term impacts sleep has on every facet of our lives from learning to mood, productivity, energy, hormone regulation, longevity, and even susceptibility to cancer and other diseases
  3. As we are suckers for writing with fountain pens, we whole-heartedly agree with Om: Why handwriting beats typing.  

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