what do you mean when you say you’re ok

What exactly mean, when you say that you’re okay? There are many versions of a simple okay.

We urge you to read along the articles on this page. Coping Strategies are necessary tools in difficult times. The COVID pandemic may pass in some time, but stress will always be around. Help yourself and help the people around you by identifying stress and addressing it accordingly.

Thank you to the Colorado Healthcare Ethics Resource for putting this together!

ever more evidence for forrest bathing

As we said before, shinrin-yoku is essential for mind, body and soul. Now, the NY Times has published some comprehensive research on the effects of nature deficit:

Numerous studies have shown the mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature, but for some people, it took a pandemic and stay-at-home orders for that desire to spend more time outdoors to feel like a necessity. 

Head on over to the NY Times to read more.