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One of your favorite YouTube channels is Destin‘s „Smarter Every Day“. That’s the place where science meets phantom slo-mo cameras to answer everyday questions and uncover that physics run the world. The host, Destin, is a former developer of weapons and the archetype of a nerd in the YouTube era: smart, witty and equipped with a contagious childlike curiosity.

His most recent video, Episode 242 – World‘s Fastet Pitch, Supersonic Baseball Canon, is a must see for you, my dear readers. Please sit back and enjoy 20 min of physics, joy and mindblown-ness:

Why post this in a business blog? Because I urge you to watch it to the very end. Starting at the 20:20 min mark, the host reaches out to the viewers and asks for (financial) support, in a way that is genuine, authentic and straight from the bottom of the heart.

If you‘re out there, growing your business, you will inevitably be confronted with a similar situation and you‘ll need to raise finance. The stakes seems high and the pressure to raise money is even higher. The lesson you should take home from this video, is that whole-heartedness and authenticity will pave your way. It’s okay to be shy – but be genuine.

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