What a lovely weekend – It almost felt like summer! I finally caught up on a lot of reading and here are a couple inspiring and insightful reads – especially on operational excellence:

  1. An interesting read on “Dunbar’s number” and the number of friendships you can enter. What stuck me the most: It takes about 200 hours of investment in the space of a few months to move a stranger into being a good friend.
  2. I am definitely putting this book on my reading list: “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”
  3. Some tricks just cannot be taught. Street magicians amaze me because they are the ultimate sales people: everybody tries to avoid getting caught into their vortex. My principle in dealing with magicians (or clowns for that matter) is: If they manage to stop me, I owe them the tip. 

This is excellence: Filippo Ganna still winning the Time Trials in Milano, concluding this year’s Giro d’Italia, after having to change the bike because he had a flat tire!* CAMBIO BICI!!!

*) what does this say about operational excellence? Somebody failed somewhere because Filippo had a flat tire…but the comeback is stronger than the setback!

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