on podcasts

Well now that we’re all stuck at home, we have time to appreciate podcasts for what they are: on-demand, special interest, personally curated radio stations.

I’ve been a fan of podcasts since Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code since ca 2004/5 (episode 34 was the first I could recover on old hard drives. at first we burnt them on CD-RWs and listened to them in the car at the time). I now have ca 70 podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, ranging from topics around technology, tinkering, lifestyle, sports, news, some that bring me to sleep and other random stuff.

I use the  podcast apps on my mac, iPhone and iPad for my regular listening and would generally say that its quite difficult for new shows to come into my rotation. I appreciate other podcast apps for this filter: Spotify and Overcast.

I use Overcast for shows that i could subscribe to in  podcast, but simply find it easier to use a separate app that has a significantly smaller library. If a show makes the jump from one library to the next, it means i’m really into it. Plus: the “push to overcast” workflow script comes in really handy at times!

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