catching up on some reading

Or: Come for the book. Stay for the inspiration.

I, too, have been caught by the reading bug, lately. I say “too” because my filter bubble (one person in my rss-reader in particular) seems to distance itself from online long-form reading and turn to (analog) books.

Paperback books have grown on me since university. As a kid, I never enjoyed reading (my parents never really nudged us to read – I’m doing things differently with my daughter). But now, I kind of do… I still can’t fit it to my daily routine, yet, but I’m evolving.

I particularly enjoy my cookbooks: from Auguste Escoffier to The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez Alt. The book that repeatedly stands out is David Kinch’s Manresa.

The book is inspiring in so many ways – for culinary connoisseurs and fields beyond. Go ahead and check it out yourself. In times like these, inspiration must come from many different sources. Why not a cookbook?

manresa cookbook cover

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