on podcasts

Well now that we’re all stuck at home, we have time to appreciate podcasts for what they are: on-demand, special interest, personally curated radio stations.

I’ve been a fan of podcasts since Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code since ca 2004/5 (episode 34 was the first I could recover on old hard drives. at first we burnt them on CD-RWs and listened to them in the car at the time). I now have ca 70 podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, ranging from topics around technology, tinkering, lifestyle, sports, news, some that bring me to sleep and other random stuff.

I use the  podcast apps on my mac, iPhone and iPad for my regular listening and would generally say that its quite difficult for new shows to come into my rotation. I appreciate other podcast apps for this filter: Spotify and Overcast.

I use Overcast for shows that i could subscribe to in  podcast, but simply find it easier to use a separate app that has a significantly smaller library. If a show makes the jump from one library to the next, it means i’m really into it. Plus: the “push to overcast” workflow script comes in really handy at times!

catching up on some reading

Or: Come for the book. Stay for the inspiration.

I, too, have been caught by the reading bug, lately. I say “too” because my filter bubble (one person in my rss-reader in particular) seems to distance itself from online long-form reading and turn to (analog) books.

Paperback books have grown on me since university. As a kid, I never enjoyed reading (my parents never really nudged us to read – I’m doing things differently with my daughter). But now, I kind of do… I still can’t fit it to my daily routine, yet, but I’m evolving.

I particularly enjoy my cookbooks: from Auguste Escoffier to The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez Alt. The book that repeatedly stands out is David Kinch’s Manresa.

The book is inspiring in so many ways – for culinary connoisseurs and fields beyond. Go ahead and check it out yourself. In times like these, inspiration must come from many different sources. Why not a cookbook?

manresa cookbook cover

time to pause

Its a crazy time and I’m not going to write about how I am dealing with the pandemic (yet), I’m just going to share this refreshing Do Lecture that was featured in their newsletter just recently.

Don’t feel pressured to be productive. But please do focus, take a deep breathe once in a while and make the best of the situation.