what do you mean when you say you’re ok

What exactly mean, when you say that you’re okay? There are many versions of a simple okay.

We urge you to read along the articles on this page. Coping Strategies are necessary tools in difficult times. The COVID pandemic may pass in some time, but stress will always be around. Help yourself and help the people around you by identifying stress and addressing it accordingly.

Thank you to the Colorado Healthcare Ethics Resource for putting this together!

space junk is real…here is a possible solution

It’s sad to see that we (as a society) value convenience over sustainability – as seen in the Starlink Satellite program. We cannot see that the light pollution, in combination with the carbon footprint of the launches, have a net positive effect on our world.

And while Starlink may not be the biggest physical polluter in earth’s orbit, we do wish they had adopted this Japanese concept of wooden satellites. Wood is extremely versatile – and while wooden satellites would still contain metal innards (thus not solving the junk part of space junk), they’d still have a net positive effect on light pollution.

good news in the world of vaccine research

We kinda like this headline:

First-Ever Flu Vaccine Derived From Tobacco Plants Just Smashed Clinical Trials 

For the first time, a flu vaccine candidate derived from plant, has gone through the first steps of clinical trials – with positive results. This is huge, because it could release us from growing vaccines in eggs (most of which are bred in dubious conditions).

Plants, which can be engineered to produce select proteins and cultivated at scale, could be an alternative, helping to boost our capacity to produce seasonal flu vaccines.

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